Rapid Formations Scholarship Essay

Soothe your summer sunburn with these 11 cool and refreshing scholarships. Good luck!

FEATURED: Course Hero Summer Vacation Scholarship

Award: $5,000
Deadline: 8/15
Eligibility: U.S. college students.
How to apply: Answer a monthly question and review a college class.

Signal Grace Scholarship Essay Contest

Award: $1,000
Deadline: 8/10
Eligibility: U.S. high school, undergrad, or grad students.
How to apply: Read Signal Grace and write something about it.

ARTBA Student Transportation Video Contest

Award: $500 (four awards)
Deadline: 8/15
Eligibility: U.S. elementary, middle school, high school, undergrad, or grad students.
How to apply: Submit a video of two to four minutes about American transportation.

Masergy STEM Scholarship Program

Award: $5,000
Deadline: 8/15
Eligibility: U.S. undergrads majoring in a STEM field.
How to apply: Submit a 500-word essay on how you plan to evolve the STEM fields once you graduate.

Lawntrepreneur Scholarship

Award: $1,000
Deadline: 8/20
Eligibility: U.S. high school seniors, undergrad, or grad students who plan to start a business.
How to apply: Submit your transcript, resume, and a 500- to 700-word essay explaining your passion for building a business.

Neal Davis Law Scholarship

Award: $1,000
Deadline: 8/25
Eligibility: U.S. undergrad and grad students.
How to apply: Write a 500- to 750-word essay about whether law enforcement body cameras are an invasion of privacy.

Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme

Award: $750 (20 awards)
Deadline: 8/25
Eligibility: Undergrad and grad students in the U.S. or U.K.
How to apply: Write an 800-word essay about how a scholarship could help you develop your entrepreneurial idea.

Power Poetry Scholarship Slam

Award: $1,000
Deadline: 8/30
Eligibility: U.S. students 25 or younger.
How to apply: Submit an original poem on the topic "Once upon a time."

AFSA Second Chance Scholarship

Award: $1,000 (five awards)
Deadline: 8/30
Eligibility: U.S. citizens and legal residents who already have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
How to apply: Take a short online quiz.

Connext Go Fund Yourself

Award: $5,000
Deadline: 8/31
Eligibility: U.S. high school or college students who are 16 or older.
How to apply: Write an essay of 250 words or less about the most unique way you found to pay for school before applying for student loans.

Unigo Make Me Laugh Scholarship

Award: $1,500
Deadline: 8/31
Eligibility: U.S. citizens or residents who are 13 or older.
How to apply: In 250 words or less, describe an incident in your life, funny or embarrassing (fact or fiction), and make us laugh!

The University, in collaboration with partners, is pleased to offer the following funding opportunities to eligible students.


The University of Portsmouth, in partnership with the Unite Foundation, can offer a small number of accommodation scholarships to care leavers and young people who are estranged from their parents. Students can apply for a UNITE scholarship once they have confirmed the University of Portsmouth as their first choice institution on their UCAS application. These scholarships are offered in addition to the Care Leavers' and Standalone bursaries. However numbers are limited, so not all students who apply will be eligible for an award.

The scholarships comprise of a free place in halls of residence (selected UNITE halls only) for three years of study. Please note, this does not cover foundation, repeat or placement years.


You must be a full-time undergraduate student from the UK with a household income of below £25,000 as well as the following:

  • A Care Leaver or irreconcilably estranged from your parents
  • Under 25 when you start your course
  • Starting your first (and only) course of undergraduate study

To apply for this scholarship please complete the form below and return it to the Student Finance Centre by Friday 8th June 2018.

For more information please contact the Student Finance Team on 023 9284 3014 or email student.finance@port.ac.uk


The University, in conjunction with the Greenwich Hospital Charity, offer three bursaries per year.

Awards comprise of a cash bursary of £3,000 per full academic year for living costs.


To be eligible, you must be a full-time undergraduate student from the UK and meet the following criteria:

  • A child of serving or retired Royal Navy or Royal Marine personnel or;
  • A retired member of Naval Service personnel who is not sponsored by the MOD and;
  • Have a household income below £25,000

To apply, complete the Greenwich Hospital Bursary Application Form and return along with supporting evidence to the Student Finance Centre by 23 November 2017.


The following funding sources are external to the University, but may still be of interest.

The Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust

The Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust offers financial support for grocers, chemists, commercial travellers and their families. There are a number of awards of up to £3,000 a year available to undergraduate and postgraduate students.


To be eligible, you must have a spouse or parents who have been employed as commercial travellers, chemists or grocers for at least five years.

Find out more about the Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust

Rapid Formations - Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme

There are 20 scholarships of £500 available every year to candidates who can clearly demonstrate academic excellence and/or entrepreneurial potential.

This programme is available to all international and domestic students.

Find out more about the Rapid Formations Scholarship

European Funding Guide

In partnership with Idealo, the European Funding Guide offer 10 scholarships per year to students who aspire to achieve extraordinary things.

The European Funding Guide hosts a searchable database of scholarship opportunities for home, EU and International Students.

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