Samurai And Knights Dbq Essay Rubric

European Knight    vs.    Japanese Samurai

Medieval Europe shared many similarities with medieval Japan, however they also shared many differences. One including their solidier or their warriors, those who fought for their country. In medieval Europe they had knights, and in medieval Japan they had samurai's, both fought in different ways, and were skilled with different things, lets had a closer look at the similarities and differences.

European Knight

Japanese Samurai


-    their whole body was very well protected by their metal armour

-    because of their armour it was easy to identify certain knights from certain places

-    a knight used many strong, large weapons and they also used a shield

-    mostly riding on horseback knights did have a general size advantage

-    because of the huge amount of armour worn a knight was physicaly hard to beat


-    underclothes made of linen had to be worn to prevent chafing from the metal armour

-    was heavy as it was made from alot of metal

-    moving in their armour was very limited and difficult

-    because of the large protection of the helmet it limited vision and breathing ability

-    there were many different componts to the armour


-    was light, as it was mostly from bamboo, with small parts made of cloth and metal

-    because it was so light it made movement easy

-    good for hand to hand combat, particulary for samurai's precise and quick movements

-    samurai's could fight both on horse and on foot fairly easily

-    extreemly skilled in hand to hand combat and a range of other fighting skills


-    had less protection for the body, made them slightly more vulnerable

-    there were many different componts of their armour

-    samurai's did have weaker weapons than those of a knight's

-    they fought mainly on foot and when faced with a knight on a horse were overpowered

-    most of their weapons like arrows would not be able to penetrate a knight's armour

247© 2011 The DBQ ProjectThis page may be reproduced for classroom useBackground EssaySamurai & Knights Mini-QSamurai and Knights:Were the Similarities Greater Than the Differences?You live in a country with a weak government and an even weaker army. During your ancestors' time, an emperor ruled and kept the country together. Now, however, the central government has lost power, and dangers lurk beyond every moat and castle wall. Warlords fight each other to see who can control the most territory. War riors from other lands threaten to invade and destroy your way of life. How can men, women, and children in your region protectthemselves?About one thousand years ago, people in two societies halfway around the world from each other faced this problem. InEurope, the mighty western Roman Empire had fallenin the late 400s, leaving a continentdivided among weak kingdoms.A new western European empire arose briefly but it, too, soon fell apart. On the other side of the globe, Japanese emperors and the imperial court was challenged by the rise of clans. Like Europe, Japan found itself in pieces.To keep order in the land,both regions developed a system that historians call feudalism. Lords acquired large estates of land. They granted some of their lands to lesser nobles who promised to fight for the lords when conflicts arose. In tum, these nobles trained warriors who, in exchange for farmland or food and lodging, swore to be loyal to the nobles and to defend them. The warriors of Europe were called knights. The warriors of Japan were called samurai. At the base of the feudal system in both Japan and Europe were peasants who farmed the land and provided food for the classes above them.

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