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Kinda makes you wonder where it'll lead, doesn't it? My own dystopian idea would be that in 3 years, the whole thing will be out of the pilot phase, and some schools will start doing it; in 10 years, many schools will; in 20 years, all will, as they'll be required to by then, maybe after a high-profile case involving the rape or murder of a young, blonde, white female student that, it will be claimed, could've been prevented if authorities had been able to track her. In 30 years, employees will wear RFID chips on the job, all the time, no matter what the job is, unless maybe they're self-employed. In 40 years, wearing an RFID chip on the job will be required by law. In 50 years, wearing a chip while - for example - driving a car etc. will be, and most people will never take theirs off anymore out of laziness. In 70 years, it'll be entirely mandatory to wear one at all time, and at the same time, babies will start receiving them as implants. In 90 years, everyone will have one implanted, no matter how old they are and whether they want to or not.

At the same time, tracking will increase over time; RFID readers will be installed in the (already existing) public "security" cameras, in schools etc., and they will gradually find their way into companies, public buildings, airports, busses, subways, private cars, and finally private homes. Insurances, criminal prosecution etc. will also change - not being able to prove where you were at a certain time by virtue of your RFID chip having been read will count against you, and will ultimately become a crime in itself.

Ups System- Inputs Processing and Outputs

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The main input of the UPS’s package tracking system is the scannable-bar coded label which is attached to a package. Customers can download and print their own labels using special software provided by UPS or by accessing the UPS website. This scannable label contains detailed information about the sender, the destination of the package, the recipient, and when the package should arrive.


Before the package is even picked up, the data from the scannable bar coded label is transmitted to one of UPS’s computer centers in Mahwah, New Jersey, or Alpharetta, Georgia and sent to the distribution center nearest its final destination. Dispatchers at this center download the data from the label and use special software to…show more content…


The technologies used by UPS consist of handheld computers, bar code scanners, wired and wireless communications networks, desktop computers, UPS’s central computer, storage technology for the package delivery data, UPS in-house package tracking software, and software to access the World wide web.

These technologies result in an information system which provides UPS with a solution to the business challenge of providing a high level of service with low prices in the face of increasing competition.

Thus these technologies enable the company to achieve its strategy of combining low cost and superior service.


The UPS information systems enable easy identification of packages with both sender and recipient information. It also allows for ease of inventory taking, tracking packages en route, and providing package status reports for both UPS customers and customer service representatives.

It also provides the most efficient delivery route for packages.

If these systems were not available, identification of packages will be very difficult, tracking of packages will also be very difficult if not virtually impossible, package status reports for customers as well as customer service representatives not be readily available. Packages might get lost or sent to wrong destinations, re- routing of packages will take a whole lot longer.

Also in the absence of these systems it will be

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