Ns420 Unit 4 Assignment

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1 EF – 205 Unit 4 Seminar Welcome to Week 4!!
Any questions about anything up to this point?

2 Following up on last week in the discussion…..
What did you think of the Dean Ornish Video?If you are not currently active do you think it will persuade you to become active?If you are exercising at a level that you are comfortable with do you think you will alter your diet after watching the video?


4 Self-Guided Screening for Physical Activity
“Previously inactive men over age 40 and women over age 50, and people at high risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) should first consult a physician before embarking on a program of vigorous physical activity to which they are unaccustomed” (Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health [1996]).4

5 Risk Factors Modifiable Cigarette Smoking Dyslipidemia Hypertension
ObesitySedentary LifestylePrediabetesNon-modifiableAgeFamily History




9 Let’s figure out our risk!
disease-risk-calculatorExercise – let’s take a minute to figure out our risk.Take a minute to complete the risk factor assessment and let’s discuss

10 Risk Low – Risk Moderate – Risk High – Risk
Men under 45, women under 55 – no more than one risk factorModerate – RiskMen over 45, women over 55 – or two or more risk factorsHigh – RiskOne or more signs or symptoms or known cardiovascular, pulmonary, or metabolic disease

11 PAR Q and Health Status Questionnaire (HSQ)

12 Case StudyTom, a 47 year old marketing agent who has been physically inactive for several years, visits your fitness facility to begin his fitness assessment. He has seen his physician recently and brings his lab results with him.He is 5’9, weighs 185lbs, 39 in waistHe has HBP – on meds, resting BP 124/82Resting HR 76Total cholesterol 195mg/dlLDL 114 mg/dlHDL 52 mg/dlFasting glucose of 195 mg/dlWhat are Tom’s risk factors?Does he warrant physician consent before testing and participation?

13 Case StudyBarbara is a 48 year old female who has recently signed up at your fitness facility. She appears to be somewhat apprehensive as she taps her foot while you review her HSQ. You conclude she can engage in unsupervised exercise and take her resting measurements. Her resting heart rate is 104 bpm and BP is 158/90 mmHg. What would you do?

14 Exercise for this weekComplete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (the PAR-Q is found in doc sharing and on page 243 in your lab manual) and the Health Status Questionnaire (found in doc sharing).Should you have any concerns regarding your answers, please contact your instructor to discuss. You do not need to submit your questionnaires but you will need to complete them in order to move on to the next step of this assignment. The next step is to answer the following questions (found in the left-hand navigation, under 'Assignment Questions'):Based on the information obtained from these questionnaires, would you need a physician’s permission to engage in testing for the next few units? Why?What risk factors are you dealing with and what precautions will you take for fitness testing and exercise?What other significant findings and recommendations do you have based on the information obtained?Is there ever a circumstance in which you would proceed on to a fitness evaluation after a subject answers "yes" to any of the questions on the Par-Q form? Why?What is your opinion of the Par-Q and the HSQ? Which do you like better and why?Besides the Par-Q and the HSQ, is there anything else that you feel would be helpful in the screening process before you move on to the fitness evaluation?The HSQ can be tailored to include anything you want. What other questions would you like to see on that form? Why?Discuss the confidentiality of this information and what you would do as a fitness professional to not breach that confidentiality

15 Tips for the quiz this week (this is NOT all inclusive – NOT all inclusive)
Relative vs absolute contraindicationsAcronyms (FITT, MR PLEASE, SMART)Who is the PAR-Q appropriate for?What can the HSQ tell you about your client?The YMCA testing protocolInformed Consent, all paperwork involved

16 Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Have a great week!!

RUNNING HEAD: UNIT 5 ASSIGNMENT2This case represents a troubled boy named Billy. Billy is 13 years old and is of Hispanic descent. Billy has had a hard life and is in need of some serious help. His recent actions have brought this case to life and if Billy does not get the appropriate help he may follow a path where in which there is no return from. The key risk factors impacting this case is the fact that Billy has been physically abused. Thus resulting in Billy’s parent’s having their parental rights terminated. He has been assigned to five different foster homes in the past five years. I believe this a major issue and for that reason alone could be a cause for his delinquent and violent behavior. Children who have been victimized in the past are more prone to become violent. This leads to the next risk factor which is the criminal activity that Billy has been displaying. The shoplifting and vandalism in the community again is of major concern. Billy is a juvenile that has no family structure. For one reason or another Billy has been with five different families in the past five years. He has no family unit or family structure in his life. I believe these factors have led Billy to criminal activity and may even be the cause for his recent school incident in which Billy brought a knife to school. This is definitely throws up a red flag. What was the knife for? Does or did he have bad intentions? Which

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