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Women’s Equality in Ethical Theory and Perspective Essay

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Society has long since considered women the lessor gender and one of the most highly debated topics in society through the years has been that of women’s equality. The debates began over the meaning between a man and woman’s morality and a woman’s rights and obligations in society. After the 19th Amendment was sanctioned around 1920, the ball started rolling on women’s suffrage. Modern times have brought about the union of these causes, but due to the differences between the genetic makeup and socio demographics, the battle over women’s equality issue still continues to exist. While men have always held the covenant role of the dominant sex, it was only since the end of the 19th century that the movement for women’s equality and the…show more content…

In many ways, feminists feel that traditional ethics have failed in the world of women’s equality; however, feminist ethicists as a whole share the same target, as cited by Tong, R. & Williams, N. (2009), “the creation of a gendered ethics that aims to eliminate or at least ameliorate the oppression of any group of people, but most particularly women.” Many organizations have been created whose mission is to protect the rights of women such as women’s coalition in various states, Equality4Women, National Organization for Women (N.O.W.), and the Ford Foundation to name a few. These organizations collaborate to restructure culture so women can triumph in other humanitarian areas like economic, political, and social equality. What is known as the “glass ceiling” is considered a possible contributor to the wage gap and inequality in the workplace. “Similarly, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 prohibit discriminatory practices in the workplace that have traditionally impeded women's ability to achieve occupational parity with their male coworkers” (Housh, 2011, p.118). More often than not, even a woman’s health, both mentally and physically, comes into question. “This can be explained by women’s and men’s different positions in the gender order, meaning that in gender unequal situations at work it is often women that are disadvantaged whereas men have

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The Struggle of Women Trying to be Equal to Men Essay

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The Struggle of Women Trying to be Equal to Men

Throughout many decades women have been struggling to be equal to men, both at home and in the work place. Women have come a long way and are certainly fighting to gain that equality, but gender roles are very important in our society. They have become important in life from birth, and society continues to push these gender roles. The treatment of the male gender is very different from that of the female, and this issue has become very important to me, as a woman. As children we learn and adapt to specific gender roles, and as we grow they become more evident and more important to our role in a society. There is a lot of discrimination against the female gender. Carol Gilligan argued that…show more content…

Many men believe that women aren’t aggressive enough and strong enough to handle the sometimes-high pressure that comes with some positions. Others believe that women are better off taking the traditional gender role and staying home to take care of the family and household chores. Men only do twenty to thirty percent of the housework, and this is the expectation of many people on society today. My personal opinion on women’s mobility in society is strong, considering I am a woman. I believe that women, regardless of how we are “supposed” to act, should have the same opportunities as men. Gender roles tell us we are supposed to be submissive, quiet, and tender hearted. Therefore, we would not be able to handle a power position is society
I have read many articles and writings about the gender inequality issue and social mobility, I have found a mix of expected and unexpected things. I used to think that women were breaking out of traditional gender roles and moving up the social ladder, which is happening but the numbers are still growing rather slowly. Men are still dominant in most power positions, although some women have taken over these positions. Although our fight for equality is growing, it isn't growing as rapidly as I hoped and expected.
Another thing that has surprised me was how many women are now in the labor force. Within a half a century, the numbers have more than doubled, in many age groups. As for women's earnings as

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